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Arabic Language

Give your child the foundation to comprehensive understanding of the Qur’ān by signing them up to Al-Nimra School’s Arabic language classes. While many are daunted by the seemingly difficult rules of Arabic grammar, an early mastery of the fundamentals will go a long way towards your child’s understanding of the Qur’ān.

At Al-Nimra School, we aim to impart traditional knowledge utilising the methods of modern education. Our expert teaching staff are able to present traditionally difficult subjects in a digestible format, making the learning of Arabic language highly accessible.

Topics covered in our foundation Arabic language classes include:

  • Nominal sentence (al-mubtada wa al-khabar)
  • Verbal sentence (al-jumla al-fi‘liyya)
  • Masculine/feminine (al-tadhkīr/al-ta’nīth)
  • Pronouns (al-ḍamā’ir)
  • Nouns and verbs (al-af‘āl wa al-’asmā)
  • Adjectives (al-ṣifa)
  • Active and passive participles (al-fā‘il wa al-maf‘ūl bih)
  • Cases (al-i‘rāb): nominative (al-marfū‘) accusative (al-manṣūb) genitive (al-majrūr)

Islamic Studies

Alongside Qur’ān reading, recitation, memorisation and Arabic language classes, Al-Nimra School also offers Islamic Studies classes. Our classes are based on the acclaimed and authentic Weekend Learning Series published by Weekend Learning Publishers, who specialise in serving the needs of weekend Islamic schools.

The Weekend Learning Series is a versatile teaching aid and each level covers topics related to Allāh, the Qur’ān, the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Sunnah and the Aḥadīth. Lessons related to Islamic values, manners and morals also feature as part of the Weekend Learning curriculum.

Later levels of the series cover historical topics in greater depth, such as the Liberation of Makkah, the compilation of the Qur’ān, the history of some of Islam’s earliest battles and the activities of non-Muslims living in Medina.

Focussing on an educational approach, Al-Nimra School delivers its Islamic Studies course in a classroom environment. With an aim to enhance students’ learning experience, Al-Nimra School seeks to inculcate Islamic education and values on par with children’s school-based learning. Our students are also instructed in how to perform ablution (wuḍū) and take part in communal prayers.