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AML Solicitors Civil Litigation Services

AML Solicitors are among Manchester’s recognised civil litigation lawyers. The AML Solicitors’ team possess broad expertise relating to all aspects of civil disputes. With our experienced and knowledgeable approach our clients feel strong and confident whilst we remain focused and resolute in achieving the best possible results.

AML Solicitors are equipped to handle all types of civil disputes. Choose our trusted, 5 star reviewed team to help you through your difficulties. Contact AML Solicitors today or visit us at our Manchester office.

AML Solicitors Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves solving disputes through the local County Court or High Court. Whether you are faced with a County Court judgement (CCJ), bankruptcy proceedings, a commercial dispute, disputed debt, issues with neighbours or a landlord and tenant dispute, AML Solicitor’s specialist civil litigation lawyers are at your disposal.

We can also help you when it comes to contract disputes, other commercial disputes, defamation and libel cases, nuisance related disputes and enforcement of judgements and orders. Moreover, we have extensive experience when dealing with harassment, property and boundary disputes, professional negligence, breach of contract, disciplinary proceedings, unpaid bills, breach of data protection regulations, professional negligence, other forms of regulatory breaches, professional misconduct and cases concerning fitness to practice.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves the solving of various disputes through the civil courts (County Court, High Court etc).

Here are some examples of the areas we can help you with:

  • Auto/Car Dealerships – Disputes arising between Buyers/Sellers/Manufacturers/Finance Companies.
  • Breach of Contract – Disputes arising between parties where the terms of the agreement have not been followed.
  • Business Dissolutions – Disputes arising between business partners who decide to split or sell.
  • Business Law – Disputes arising from running a business, such as customers, suppliers, service providers, Regulators, materials, goods, process and procedures etc.
  • Fraud Litigation – Disputes arising out of Fraudulent actions and transaction.
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes – Disputes arising out of landlord-tenant relationships
  • Personal Injury – Claims arising out of the negligence of others causing pain and loss.
  • Privacy and Data Protection – Claim arising out of breach of data protection and the right of privacy.
  • Property Litigation – Disputes & Claims arising out of all types of complex and non-complex property transactions.
  • Professional misconduct – Disputes arising out of alleged misconduct and fitness to practice
  • Professional Negligence – Claim arising out of a negligent act by a professional in the course of service.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Claims, Disputes and Compliance failure arising out of regulatory duties.