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Most personal injury cases that solicitors deal with are relatively straight forward both in terms of issues and extent of damages sought and therefore require very little technical expertise and/or understanding of the needs of the injured person. Indeed, many solicitors firms will assign you an individual with very little experience.


However, serious injuries, whether they are spinal injuries, head and brain injuries, psychiatric injuries or serious orthopaedic injuries, cannot just be dealt by anyone. It requires a through understanding of the law, the ability to master the various complex issues with a forensic eye to detail, ongoing attention to the clients needs and a lot of patience. Ultimately, this is not just a simple soft tissue injury; it is a life changing experience and one which needs to be handled with utmost care and sensitivity.


We appreciate that following such a traumatic event, aside from the continued pain & suffering, the injured person may also feel one or many of the following symptoms:


  • Shock
  • Disorganisation
  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Resolution and Acceptance
  • Reintegration

    At AML Solicitors, we have access to specialist serious injury experts who not only possess the necessary technical expertise in handling such complex cases but also understand of the type of practical help the injured person will need soon after the incident. The ability to combine and balance these two skills is vital given the nature of issues and potential compensation to be procured. It is an appreciation of these two skills that sets AML Solicitors apart from other solicitors.


    Here is what we will do for you:

    Deal with your case with utmost sensitivity and care
    Assist you in understanding the step by step process of your case
    Only have the Director or a very experienced Solicitor deal with your case
    Provide you out of office advice and guidance where it is needed
    Provide regular updates
    Assist in obtaining urgent payments for you where needed
    Assist in seeking private treatment where needed
    Assist in providing appropriate rehabilitation, therapy and counselling treatments
    Instruct only the best experts for medical diagnosis and prognosis
    Instruct and use only highly qualified Barristers
    Provide details of wealth managers in managing any compensation awards


    We can offer Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) for some of our serious injury cases. This means you do not pay us anything upfront to make a claim. In the event you win, we recover our fees from the other side and in the event you lose we recover our fees from after the event insurance policy. In short, we may be able to guarantee the following:


  • You shall keep 100% of your compensation;
  • In the event you win, you shall pay us nothing as we shall recover our legal fees from the other side;
  • In the event you lose, you shall pay us nothing as we shall recover our legal fees from after the event insurance policy.

    Do not take chances with a serious injury. Use only the most qualified solicitor otherwise you run the risk of creating more problems and turning your serious injury into a catastrophic injury.


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    In order to help you quickly we provide an initial consultation for free and offer a wide range of funding options including 'No Win No Fee'. Please contact us immediately if you are thinking of making a claim.



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