About Us

We are a team of legal specialists offering practical advice and ensuring quality results no matter what the situation entails.
Our team of professionals are equipped to handle the most difficult of problems with ease and with utmost care and sensitivity so that you are left with complete piece of mind knowing that you are in safe hands.


The Firm

AML Solicitors are a fresh, modern, forward thinking firm of solicitors committed to providing legal service within a centre of excellence.


  • We offer a personal, friendly and excellent service to each and every client we accept.
  • We listen, understand and appreciate each of our clients’ needs.
  • We do not waste time. We work extremely hard to resolve our clients problems in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • We passionately believe in building a long lasting relationship with our clients and creating a bond of trust and confidence.

    We are a vibrant business and offer a vast amount of experience. We offer a personal led service and all our work is undertaken directly by an experienced solicitor or directly supervised by an experienced solicitor or Consultant. Our cases are therefore never left alone or unattended.
    We are not all things to all people. Our aim is to provide a quality service in the areas where we have mastered an expertise. Our areas of specialism are:

    1. Civil Litigation
    2. Personal Injury
    3. Immigration
    4. Family and Divorce 
    5. Conveyancing 
    6. Wills & Probate


    Nonetheless we also ensure that our clients have access to other legal services with the same quality. In areas outside our expertise we have formed a network with specialists to introduce our clients' legal requirement.


    7. Employment
    8. Crime 
    9. Most Other Areas




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